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do you guys KNOW whats going on out there? Im kinda stuck and need help!

I dunno if you know this, but my office is a loft. one staircase up, and I only share it with one other gal.
I got here waaay early today cause Im so far behind because I missed monday... been working my butt off and soon, well, I notice its like 11:30 and no one's called... my office mate never showed.. Ive heard no announcements from the front desk...not even my art director has come up to hassle me about what cat macro Im going on about today... everything was DEAD quiet and really creepy...
eh, I figured Id wait till lunch cause I have a meeting at 2 (*right now*) to show my art director my banners and Im no were NEAR done...

So, still nothing but me typing away come noon... I was about to save and close down and head to lunch and stick my head in S's office and say "oh Hai!" to annoy him.. when I hear what I thought was S or my office mate coming up the stairs. Since my com just shut down I thuoght Id meet em in the hallway, I headed out of my office... but this person dressed like a zombie is heading up my stairs! I yell, "Very Funny S (since its a tall guy like he is)" the person lumbers closer up the stairs without reaction. When I see that I dont know the guy, and that there was even more menacing strangers at the bottom on the stairs, I shut & lock the hall door and forced the file cabinets across it. then lock my office door and push the media rack in front of it. In a panic, I tried to use my office phone and it was dead! So, I called 911 on my cel and its all busy, I call my wife and I get his machine, so I tell him to call me and to watch out for ppl cause theres a buncha nuts banging on my loft door and to call the police for me.
I called my boys too. they dont answer either.
So, if anyone is stil online,send help to my office. Im being harassed, and may be attacked by weirdos. Luckily this is a sturdy office loft. They are still banging on the outer door (I can tell more than one person is banging now and theyre groaning like th efreaking undead zombies.) I wanna think this is all a big setup by my coworkers, but really, they wouldnt shut down the company for a practical joke!!!

I am gonna dig for some weapons. They store some boat engine parts up here so Im bound to find some lead pipes and the like in the storage room up here. If I need to, I got some food in my fridge up here and enough diet pepsi to keep me for a few days.... But if they get thru that door, Im so going to turn into Baby on their arses.

I gotta hurry and get to the storage room before they get thru the hall door, IF they get thru the hall door... and get back to my office and baracade myself in again...

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