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 Hi All, Starting May 1, I am going to start journaling over here. I really miss writing long entries and being able to express things fully.
I also miss being able to see ALL people's posts instead of what facebook finds worthy for me to see...

so, come monday, you will see me on here more often :)
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This is what 13 years of being happily married looks like.

This is 16 years ago.

To my wife:

[ profile] killer_queen___, Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for your many years of being my spouse, my muse, my cheerleader, my partner in crime, my support, my calm center in the chaos of life. Thank you for always being truthful, even when it was the hard thing to do. Thank you for pulling me back when I am going too far out there. Thank you for your gentleness, when I could not be kind to myself. Thank you for humoring my whims and never discouraging even the silliest things. Thank you for laughing with me and crying with me and burying proverbial bodies when necessary. Thank you for loving my brothers as much as I do. Thank you for spending all this time with me and still never giving up or getting bored with me. Thank you for your commitment.

I could not have had such a wonderful life without you. You truly are an angel on earth. I cherish my time with you. May we have 13 more years of wedded bliss, and then some more!!

May we be a modern version of the Addams family for as long as we live.

your wife.
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wordpress and I are having the battle of the century... but in the end, I will win!!


Since I last updated, I am now part of the GPS board, which means my October is FULL of stuff!

besides the day job,
next Wed we are starting the Halloween kickoff at the Merc.
That Saturday I am stage managing Keep It Up! a burly show at columbia city theater, a fundraiser for the burslesque hall of fame...
On the 7th we have an open crypt meeting for GPS at the Merc.
Then the 12th I am managing the burlesque marathong at CCT,
Then the *next weekend, the 18th and 19th, I have a high tea on Sat and a casual tea on Sunday that I am hosting,
Then the 25th, Im stage managing Seduction for SEAF
THen the 26th is vending at Mourning Market
Then on Halloween, Hocus Pocus at the last chance saloon.

Plus kabuki practice every Sat...

I dunno if I am going to survive this October. LOL
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watch this!!!!

Doctor Glamour!

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Its that time of year again....

would you like a Holiday card from me???

Give me your address! All comments screened...
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argh, I am so far behind. I will post on the bus to catch you up, but here are photos of my performance at DragonFest:

our starting pose

our ending pose

Imma leave this public.
Last call for those who want an explanation of my experiences in Kabuki!
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I will be.. how old now? 38 I think?

anyway, I know its been forever, but life is crazy busy as usual...

So today we have the adventures in Kabuki makeup buying. So far I have been made up by Mary-sensei or one of the other students.-- except this past time, because Sensei gave me the body paint.

Here's what I need to buy ASAP, because it must arrive before Sept 6th-- which is my next performance.
I need a specific kind of brush

That is only $19.

The makeup is much more expensive.

I need the wax base and the powder that mixes into white paste that goes over the wax for the foundation:

This is $60

I need another bottle of this, this is the body makeup:

That's $46

I need the white powder to go over all the foundation:

I need red :


And black:


And cleanser so I can get all that wax and makeup off properly:

I will need all this ASAP.

Next, here's things I will need in the near future:
Read more... )

so yeah, this is going to be spendy.

So, I thought that if you would like to give me a birthday gift, Maybe send a dollar or so to

Jordan's paypal to offset the cost of these :)

You KNOW you will get photos.. and I MAY even do a makeup tutorial for you :)
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The 2012 Seattle Gothic Pageant is coming! Are you running?
Details and applications here!
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Do u want to know my detailed account of my Kabuki experience?  comment here.

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Sepiachord Nominated for a Steam Punk Chronicle Award for Best Website!~

We're really, really honored! Thank you!

Also note that an event we work with, Steamcon, has been nominated for Best Overall Convention and our hometown, Seattle, has been nominated for Best City for Steampunk. And our old friends, The Clockwork Cabaret, is up for Best Podcast.
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Happy Holidays!
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Holiday cards/gifts are sent!
Sorry for the delay. You non-US people may not see it until after Christmas, and I apologize.
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[ profile] chronivore's birthday!
and the christmas/solstice holiday things
and St. Nicholas day.
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O kto, kto Nikolaja l'ubit, O kto, kto Nikolaju služit,
Tomu svjatyj Nikolaj Na vsjakij čas pomahaj, Nikolaj, Nikolaj
O kto, kto živet v jeho dvory Pomoščnik na zeml'i i mor'i.
Izmet jeho ot napasti Ne dast' jemu v hr'ichi v pasti Nikolaj, Nikolaj.

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Want a holiday card from me???

Post your address here!
(all comments screened)

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Alice Cooper, of course.
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Steamcon 3 is over!

-Sepiachord won an airship award! Thank you all who voted! Piccies of [ profile] chronivore with his award when available!

- My Tea went great! I have a bit to talk about with the staff. they brought out the coffee and refilled 4 cups of tea with cream with coffee! The guests were not pleased. but that was the only major complaint, so it went well.

- My panels went as well as they could. Im not much of a public speaker, but I do my best.

- We did very well at our table. All the USBs sold out before Saturday night.

- so very sleeepy.

more soon.
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